House of Martial Balance is located in Sherman Mills at EastFalls, one of Philadelphia Magazine's cool places to live, work and play.  A 300 year old creative community where artist can thrive in a rich cultural environment. 

We are one martial arts school teaching two separate disciplines.  Red Cloud Kung Fu, is our Northern Chinese 
school of Tien Shan P'ai.  A system of long and circular movements.  Ten Ken Kan is our Karate school teaching the discipline of Ichikawa-Ha Seito Goju Ryu Karate-Do and Kobudo is a method of Goju Ryu Karate developed by O-Sensei ( GreatMaster) Ichikawa, Sosui. Ichikawa-Ha Seito Goju Ryu Karate unifies hard and soft techniques into movements of spiraling energy. As this system of Goju Ryu is a complete art, it offers a great variety of hand and foot techniques but also grappling and traditional weapons. We also teach Tai Chi, the ancient form known for it's body, mind and soul healing benefits.  Our new addition is Cardio Bujutsu, a boot camp exercise program design to challenge your endurance, stamina and althletic abilities.     

House of Martial Balance is under the ownership of Shihan Newton, Sifu Jose Knight, Shuaiyb Kenshi and Si-Fu Jamal El

To unite two styles, three countries, yet stay traditional within a community where creativity, sport and life are ONE art form.  Where we can teach you to expand your mind while challenging your body.


3502 Scotts Lane
Building 3, Suite 303, Box 9E
Philadelphia, PA 19129
Contact Info
Phone: 215-833-0328
Email: heavens_fist2@yahoo.com
Classes Now Forming
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Congratulations!!! To 4 students who got their black sashes. Sifu Brian Korty, Sifu Jose Knight, Sifu Michelle Ruppert and Sifu Walkm Pearson.
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