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Ten Ken Kan

The only school of Karate in this area that teaches Ichikawa-Ha Seito Goju Ryu Karate-Do and Kobudo.  This system of Goju Ryu Karate empahsizes the principles of Southern White Crane Chuan-Fa and Tiger Boxing as taught to its founder, Higashionna, Kanryo Sensei.

Goju Ryu
Karate is one of the four original Okinawan styles of Karate. Ichikawa-Ha Seito Goju Ryu Karate employs hard and soft techniques with circular and linear movements. Goju Ryu has a great variety of hand and foot techniques. This system teaches and utilizes Ki-Ho (energy movements).

Goju Ryu training also utilizes Hojo Taiso (supplemental weight training) for body conditioning and hardening (Iron Shirt).

Origin of Goju Ryu Karate: Okinawa

Founder of Goju Ryu: Higashionna, Kanryo Sensei.

3502 Scotts Lane
Building 3, Suite 303, Box 9E
Philadelphia, PA 19129
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Phone: 215-833-0328
Email: heavens_fist2@yahoo.com
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Congratulations!!! To 4 students who got their black sashes. Sifu Brian Korty, Sifu Jose Knight, Sifu Michelle Ruppert and Sifu Walkm Pearson.
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