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Shuaiyb Newton, Kenshi has been training Martial Arts under the tutelage of his father and only teacher, Shihan Khalid Newton, since he was 8 years of age. He was drawn to the Martial Arts after watching his father teach his older sisters and cousin. He would follow along with his older family members while they went through grueling classes anxiously awaiting his time. He wanted to be just like his father; a strong man and fighter.
 Shihan Khalid Newton did not go easy on his oldest son and Shuaiyb soon learned that in class there was no father son relationship only teacher and student. Even though the classes were tough Shuaiyb was a quick study and picked up the movements quickly. As a teenager Shuaiyb competed in many tournaments and frequently placed in the top three in kumite and kata. Shuaiyb achieved the rank of black belt at the earliest permissible age of 17 under the Goju Ryu system.
After returning from college Shuaiyb rededicated himself to full time training and soon received the rank of second Dan black belt . In 2005 he traveled to Japan to compete in the all Japan Goju Ryu Karate Championship. He traveled with his father Shihan Newton and his teacher, Kancho Robert Taiani, the world’s foremost authority on Kata Bunkai. While in Japan Shuaiyb trained with some of the leading exponents of Goju Ryu.  Including Chiba Sensei 10th Dan,  Yonemoto Sensei, 9th Dan and Yokoyama Sensei, 9th Dan. The highlight of his trip was training in the same park where the great Ichikawa, Sensei, the founder of this style of Goju, trained Kancho Taiani.  
Shuaiyb Newton,Kenshi has given demonstrations on Goju Ryu, women’s self-defense and child safety to many schools and religious groups in the Philadelphia Area.
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Congratulations!!! To 4 students who got their black sashes. Sifu Brian Korty, Sifu Jose Knight, Sifu Michelle Ruppert and Sifu Walkm Pearson.
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