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Khalid C. Newton, Shihan is eighth (8th) degree black belt, Hachi Dan, Kyoshi grade and is sixth generation of Orthodox (Seito) Goju-Ryu Karate Do. Newton, Shihan has over forty (40) years experience training and teaching and is the Pennsylvania representative for ICHIKAWA HA GOJURYU KARATE – KOBODO SOTOKAI, Zen Beikoku GojuRyu Karate Do Sosuikai. He is the highest ranking African American in Ichikawa Sosui world organization.


Newton, Kyoshi has been a student of Robert Choji Taiani, 9th Dan, Hanshi Grade, Kaicho of Ichikawa-Ha Gojuryu Karate-Kobudo Sotokai, for over 30 years and have received all rankings and teaching certification from Taiani, Kancho. In 1986 Newton, Shihan was the grand champion in kata and won second place in kumite at the Okinawa Goju Ryu Karate Championship hold in Long Island, New York. His reputation as a fighter is not from tournament competition, but from the no rules, no holds bared world of dojo fights during the early 70’s, when no protective equipment was used.


Newton, Kyoshi, under the auspices of Robert Choji Taiani, Kaicho, was the coach for the American team entry to the annual ALL JAPAN GOJURYU KARATE CHAMPIONSHIPS in 2005, held in Sendai, Japan. The tournament was held by Chiba Kenjiro, Sensei, Kaicho – Zen Nippon Gojuryu Renmei. This was Newton Kyoshi's second trip to Japan. On his first journey there in 1998 with his teacher, R. Choji Taiani, he had the distinct privilege to receive instruction from the, then living, treasure of Japanese Budo, Ichikawa Sosui, Kensei. He was also known as the father of Bubishi in Japan. Meeting O’Sensei was an enlightening experience and showed me that Goju Ryu Karate is more then mere punching and kicking.


Khalid Newton is a state certified instructor of DEFENSIVE TACTICS for police and other law enforcement agencies. He is also a certified ASP Baton instructor. He has also received training and certification in Critical Incident Management from the Pa. State Police and in Ordinance Recognition and Bomb Scene Forensic from the F.B.I.  

Newton, Kyoshi is also a second level practitioner of the Japanese healing modality of Shiatsu.

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